created by ceramic artist Kevin Pierce

The Porcelain Book is part of a Spoken Word recording project ‘In Between Silence’. The project is a combination of the music, the story, and the written word committed to porcelain. Porcelain is a material that has a permanence, when fired it will last forever.

The project is designed to capture stories of our time, from great writers, artists from many disciplines and most significantly the man in the street. You are presented with a fragment of the story selected by the author and scribed on to the page, you can then choose to listen to the entire story in the voice of the author or read their selected lines.

Its purpose is to be a physical and visual representation of the spoken word, of the personal stories, recorded to individually devised music scores in the studio. The porcelain page will be a lasting permanent testament to these stories of our time.

It combines the new and the ancient, the recording studio being the new technological method of recording stories and the porcelain representing man’s desire to leave his mark and his story for future generations. It represents man’s desire to never be forgotten. It also captures the handwriting of the author.

Each chapter will be held together using porcelain nuts and bolts.